Examination Papers

PLEASE NOTE: Examination papers are copyright of The Manchester Grammar School and made freely available for personal preparation by MGS candidates only.

The documents in this category are all MGS past papers from our Entrance Examinations.  These papers are for entry at age 11-plus.  We do not publish papers for entry at other ages.

We realise that sitting any entrance examination is a daunting task for a child and it is important to say at this point that the MGS papers are designed to really challenge the mind of any child (and parent) attempting them. However, please note that if your son is scoring 50% and over he is well on the way to reaching the MGS entrance criteria; the exercise simply gives us a great deal of insight into how boys respond to a range of questions under pressure.

All boys who apply to MGS aged from 9 to 11 are invited into MGS for the day to undertake various activities which enable us to see and assess boys as individuals.

For older boys also taking the MGS Entrance Examination, the Assessment Day allows them to relax so we can assess them while they are enjoying their time here at the School.

There are no documents in this category

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